Kleines Kinderhaus
Child Care
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Lines from some of my Reference Letters

Sheila “Marion would be a wonderful asset to any future family or organization. She has a passion for children and a wonderful rapport with people. We have appreciated her a great deal at Marylhurst.”


Louisa “We knew that the safety of our children was first and foremost on her mind. She would not just watch the children, instead, she was very engaging with the children in both play and learning – readily playing on the floor with our son and always taking the kids to play outside. Besides being very trustworthy, Marion is also very reliable.


Elisabeth “She incorporates the Waldorf view of education into her teaching and activities, which has had a great impact on the development of our children. Marion’s character and knowledge of childhood caring and needs are superior.  Marion has had and continues to have a very positive impact on our children and family.  She has a wealth of information and energy that all children will benefit from.”

Julie "one of the most endearing memories I have with Marion was her very close relationship with a  blind orphan toddler. It was wonderful to see him growing in confidence due to her love and care. I found Marion to be a very friendly, outgoing, responsible, loyal member of our team as well as a good personal friend."

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